Financial Matters

JWBC’s Financial Matters workshop will provide an in-depth financial education to women business owners that will streamline their business infrastructure, improve profitability, and facilitate growth.

Said to be an “eye-opener” by past participants, JWBC’s Financial Matters program connects women business owners with accountants and financial experts in a workshop learning intensive on the financial aspects of business ownership. Participants will review the financial health of their businesses, develop strategies to improve their cash flow management and profitability, support the infrastructure of the business, and create a plan for growth.

Key Benefits of the Program

Participants will:

  • Complete a business model canvas/business plan
  • Learn how to develop a relationships with bankers and accountants
  • Understand and manage the components of business finances
  • Read financial statements and understand their impact on the overall health of the business
  • Recognize gaps affecting profitability
  • Understand and avoid compliance issues
  • Protect themselves from theft and/or fraud
  • Learn how to access capital and obtain a loan

Ideal participants are women business owners, who emerging or established and are using an accounting system that generates financial reports.  (participants are not required to bring their financials to class)

To learn more, contact Anamaria Contreras, 904.366.6633